We are true believers of the motto that “sharing is caring”. On a regular basis we host webinars and events with the aim of offering development opportunities to the global HR community that can easily be worked into your daily schedule. We not only have a stake in the future of HR but we also have an opinion on it, which we share in our research-based publications.

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Recrafting Performance for a Culture that Inspires

The world of work has transformed and we now face a new reality of connecting our people in dispersed and remote teams, wherever they may work. This has impacted how we work, manage, develop and assess. HR has now more than ever a responsibility and opportunity to build diverse, inclusive cultures where employees can experience a culture that inspires. This webinar series explored how performance is driven from three angles – being employee owned, manager guided and organisation enabled.

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Becoming an analytics aware HR leader

Data now fuels decision-making in nearly every field. By harnessing the power of data, organizations can better understand what keeps people happy at work, how to boost productivity, which employees will likely be successful, and more. People Analytics is no longer limited to employees in data teams or those with analyst in their job titles, it is now an integral part of every HR job. This webinar series was composed of 3 live sessions in collaboration with CruncHR.

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Beyond HR Forum Virtual Sessions

We deliver virtual sessions with our speakers and partners McKinsey & Company and Willis Towers Watson to learn and connect together. When the day comes to reunite as an industry, we are confident that the world will exhibit a renewed appreciation for human connectivity and the power face-to-face meetings bring to people, businesses and communities.

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Past Events

Webinar Series:
Recrafting Performance Management

KennedyFitch hosted the webinar series “Recrafting Performance Management for a Culture that Inspires” in collaboration with Our Tandem. You can find the recordings of all 3 sessions here!

14 & 15 June 2018
Beyond HR Forum

We zoom into the Future of the work, the Future of HR, the Future Workplace and its impact on society. The Forum aims to transform your thinking about the HR profession, shifting your paradigms to perspectives that you have not considered yet. The forum moves way “beyond” the ongoing debate on HR, becoming an impactful journey and must-attend highlight for a progressive HR curriculum.