26 & 27 June 2019
EX Leaders Networking event, Amsterdam


  • Future of Work: How global megatrends, technology and the changing nature of work are driving a more consumer-based culture at work.
  • CX Origins of EX: How CX began, how it is changing company culture, branding and operating model. How CX influences the way companies do EX, and examples of EX-based branding and employee advocacy. Workshop with Heads of CX.
  • Design Thinking and EX: Roots of Design Thinking and latest applications and workshop design in EX. Where do Focus Groups and Hackathons fit in? Workshop with Design Thinking experts and EX Heads
  • Journey Mapping: The psychology of Journey Mapping. Case examples of journeys, moving beyond HR services and Employee Lifecycle. How to create a useable prototype journey. Workshop with Journey Mapping experts and EX Heads
  • EX Marketplace: EX Leaders and their teams showcase examples of how they have created EX in their company e.g. , digital platforms, agile ways of working, new ideas for analytics, breakthroughs with EX
  • Evening: networking dinner, group Hackathon and demo’s of EX Technology


  • Analytics: How do we measure the impact of CX & EX?
  • Survey design: examples of sentiment analysis using natural language vs. quantitative surveys, how to measure touchpoints and business impact; what ultimately drives behavior, motivation and choice? Workshop with People Analytics leaders and EX Heads
  • Agile Ways of Working: How are companies using Sprint teams, Agile Coaches, and Scrum Masters to translate journeys and personas into prototypes and MVPs? What are great examples of Agile organizations and new capabilities? Workshop with Sprint leaders, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches
    Physical and Digital Workspace: How do physical and digital workspace influence EX and Culture? What have we learned about the impact of workspace on innovation, collaboration, well-being, productivity? How to build consumer-grade digital tools for your people? We share examples of cool tech that drives high impact. Workshop with Digital thought leaders and Digital EX heads.
    What comes next: How advanced organizations have used CX and EX to build new strategy, structure, business model, capabilities, and what has been the impact. How to build Agile HR. How can an old legacy company make a radical EX-based transformation? Towards merger of CX & EX. Workshop with Heads of CX and EX.

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