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EX Report 2024

At KennedyFitch, we have the privilege of working and interacting with the EX-Pioneers, the enthusiasts, the connectors, the thinkers, and builders comfortable with the unknown. Here’s to the believers in Employee Experience, those who are passionate about finding a way to make things better at work, for their people, the ones who tried, succeeded and maybe failed more than just a couple of times, but also for those who want to get started but don’t know where and how.  

For you, we are: 

1️⃣ Launching the new 2024 Employee Experience Survey!

Your feedback will help us understand the current landscape of EX initiatives, challenges faced, and opportunities ahead. If you are involved in EX, tell us about your perspective here 

2️⃣ Starting an interview series with top EX practitioners!

We are starting here on LinkedIn a new series to shine the spotlight on the best in the field. 

3️⃣ Writing our new report, so mark your calendars!

After summer, we’ll unveil a comprehensive EX 2024 report combining the survey findings and an analysis of interview insights. Inspired by the dedication of EX practitioners, you will gain valuable perspectives and actionable recommendations for enhancing your organization’s employee experience.

Together with you, we are ready to move the needle in EX!  


Designing Your Employee Experience Strategy

In-Company Training

We’ll upskill and coach your team through employee experience projects tailored on your organizational needs. With our guidance, your team will learn how to research, define, design, test, validate and implement new people practices. We firmly believe that any HR initiative should be based on human-centered experiences, rather than be processes-centered, which is why we apply design thinking and Employee Experience concepts to all our consulting. Together with you and your colleagues, we co-create solutions that are unique to your organization, employee-driven and sustainable.

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EX Report 2024

This year, we will bring you a report compiling most exciting stories and examples of Employee Experience, from getting started with EX…to scaling EX.  We are interviewing some of the most inspiring employee experience leaders to bring you their success stories and fail stories, and gain insights into how they created an outstanding employee experience in their organizations. Our report will cover a range of topics such as governance, team structure, methodology, and tooling of EX. By sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes, we hope to provide valuable insights for organizations that are looking to create a robust employee experience.

Our previous reports  on this topic have been very well received, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to share best practices and insights.

We planned to publish the report in 2024. If you would like to share your EX story, feel free to reach out to us! Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to sharing our findings with you!

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