Consulting Specialization

  • People Analytics
  • Strategic Workforce Management
  • Survey Management
  • Employee Listening
  • Employee Experience
  • Employee Engagement
  • HR Management Information
  • HR Strategy


Coaching Specialization

  • People Analytics Leader & Team Coaching
  • Coaching on all services related to evidence-based HR


Search Specialization
Roles related to:

  • People analytics
  • Strategic Workforce Management
  • Employee Experience
  • Employee Engagement

Patrick Coolen


Practice: Consulting, Coaching, Executive Search
Based in: The Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch

I am a true believer in making HR more evidence-based to improve decision-making. In the last 15 years, I established people analytics as an accepted and common practice within a large corporate organization. I have a proven track record in building various analytical services, ensuring their adoption within the organization, and enabling scarce analytical talents to grow in their roles. Next to my people analytics specialism, I was also part of the HR management team and consider myself a seasoned and all-round HR executive. Furthermore, I am an internationally recognized thought leader and a frequent speaker at HR and people analytics-related conferences. Currently, I am also pursuing a Ph.D. focusing on the adoption and institutionalization of people analytics.


My professional motivation is driven by curiosity. I have a strong desire to understand how humans perform, engage, collaborate, and grow. I approach work tasks methodically and am skilled in analytical and conceptual thinking. A particular strength is my ability to create a vision and transform that vision into concrete solutions. While doing this, I highly value collaboration and co-creating with clients and partners. My extensive network allows me to include the latest trends and innovations in the advice I provide.


I consider myself a balanced and empathic person who can engage with and motivate others. I enjoy coaching early career analytical leaders in their personal growth as thought leaders and the development of their analytical teams. My practitioner experience and being a Ph.D. candidate enable me to bring in different perspectives while coaching.


Building on my international network, I can support clients in their search for candidates for various analytical HR roles. Working as a practitioner for 10 years has given me a deep understanding of what is needed to perform in international HR analytical roles. Besides the necessary expertise and knowledge, I am convinced that a personal fit between the candidate and the organization is evenly important.