We touch the hearts and minds of leaders, teams and companies.

We touch the hearts and minds of leaders, teams and companies.

At KennedyFitch we help organizations to hire for fit for the future rather than fit for now. Through our Executive Search practice we have built a track record in search for senior HR roles and we focus on search for future leaders in different industries. Through our People & Organization practice we bring the human back into Human Resources and create truly human-centric organizations where we focus on HR Consulting, Capability Building and Coaching

Besides our Executive Search and People & Organization practices, we are also Community Builders and Knowledge Sharers. We are rapidly moving towards “consumerized careers”, whereby we will be fully in charge of our own career paths. That is why we bring together experts and professionals in a number of communities and networks, to help HR colleagues become masters of their own careers at all levels. And we not only have a stake in the future of work but we also have an opinion on it, which we share in our research-based publications, webinars and events.


Executive Search

We believe that organizations need to hire for fit for the future, to find candidates that will help challenge what is and co-create the future of your organization. We have built a track record in Executive Search for Human Resources roles and we have focus on search for future leaders in the following industries: Health, Industrial, Family-owned businesses, Private Equity and Consumer Goods. At KennedyFitch, we specialize in building external talent pipelines that can complement your internal talent pools.


HR Strategy Consulting

Our team in HR strategy consulting can give you advice and support to help manage your organisational and people challenges. Whether you want to improve the performance of your workforce or develop  talent in your business. We have a global reach and a deep expertise for HR and the Future of Work



At KennedyFitch we all have a never-ending positive curiosity for people. That curiosity has not only led us to become HR consultants but also coaches. In our coaching practice we focus on 4 core areas: Raising self-awareness, Understanding the context in which you operate, Connecting to the purpose and Building trusted relationships.

We facilitate both individual and team coaching interventions.


Capability Building

The ability to manage yourself and collaborate with others are critical capabilities for anyone in any function. Leveraging our coaching background, we have developed a suite of (inter)personal-effectiveness workshops that can be delivered stand alone or combined into a learning journey.


Events & Communities

The new way of working is powered by networks. To that end, we are “knowledge, network and community builders”. We offer workshops and learning sessions about the future of HR, we are the founders of the BEYOND HR Forum and host webinars and engage with academics, consultants and thought leaders.


Insights & Reports

We are true believers of the motto that “sharing is caring”. On a regular basis we publish articles and reports for the global HR community. We not only have a stake in the future of HR but we also have an opinion on it.



A Fork in the Road

Embark on an exciting journey towards the next steps in your career with our comprehensive guide ‘A Fork in the Road’! Whether you’re actively seeking a new opportunity or simply curious about your next career move, our guide is designed to provide you with practical advice, insightful recommendations, and the encouragement needed to approach the job market with confidence.

study Humanized Growth and Multistakeholder Value Creation

Humanized Growth and Multistakeholder Value Creation

Join us as we proudly present our new study that explores the concept of Humanized Growth and Multistakeholder Value Creation. In collaboration with Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs), we have curated a comprehensive study that explores diverse perspectives.

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