Consulting Specialization

  • Building Purpose-led and values-based organizations
  • Organizational Culture & Transformational Change
  • HR Strategy Development
  • HR Operating Model
  • Future of Work
  • HR Tech & People Analytics
  • Agile HR

Coaching Specialization

  • C-level and BoD Coaching (Purpose, Values, Vision)
  • Leadership Development / Purposeful Leaders
  • High Performing Teams
  • Career Coaching
  • Self-Awareness
  • Growth Mindset

Search Specialization

  • CHRO / CPO
  • CHRO – 1
  • C-Level
  • Board-1/2

Adriano Bruno


Practice: Consulting, Coaching, Executive Search
Based in: Switzerland
Languages: English, German, Swiss German, Italian, French

People are the most important asset of an organization. I believe in aligning purpose, strategy and people’s capabilities and motivation to deliver business success in an inspiring way. With 10 years of IT experience and over 20 years in various HR roles, my career led me to work in world-renowned companies in various roles and industries, culminating as Chief People & Culture Officer of a corporation.

My values are curiosity, courage and respect. I’m triggered by change and innovation being put in service of the purpose. I have led large and small transformations, developed People Strategies and new HR operating models. Through coaching and influencing I have helped boards, teams and individuals to reach their potential and go beyond. Building purpose-driven and values-based organization is my passion by unleashing the full potential of leaders and organizations and leveraging data and technology to continuously improve customer centricity, a human-centered work experience and strengthening the core purpose of the company.


We live in a complex and ever-changing world. To continuously adapt and innovate is essential. Although it might be uncomfortable at times, embracing this reality can lead to new opportunities, stronger capabilities and an attractive proposition to customers and employees alike. As consultant, I will strive to align purpose, values and strategy into a coherent and attractive whole. I help business executives and HR leaders alike to rise to the challenge. Acting as a trusted advisor and sparring partner, I strive to co-create practical solutions and change journeys. The aim is to create lasting positive business impact and to grow individuals and teams along the way, bringing both to the best version of themselves. Tapping into the collective capabilities of an organization and drawing on my own experiences and practical toolset, we collaborate to develop business and people strategies, design adaptive operating models and implement change in a human-centric and inspiring way.


My focus is on team coaching and individual leadership development. In both situations, I strive to fully understand the history and background, so that the present can be appreciated best. From this starting point, a realistic desired future can be built. When coaching teams and boards, it is about alignment to a shared goal and ideal, enabling team members to build strong and trusted relationships, navigate constructive and candid dialogues to reach shared commitment and accountability. All of this is necessary, as well as unconditionally caring for each other’s success, to reach that rewarding stage of a high-performing team. When coaching leaders, my intent is to fully engage with the person and their personality. Applying practical diagnostic tools and 360 feedback to compare personal and external perceptions. Once the intended goal of the coaching session is clarified, we will work from there to explore various ways to achieve that. Being it about career progress, performance related topics or behavioral changes, as a coach I will accompany each individual to a successful outcome. Among other techniques, I use active listening, giving honest and candid feedback. I build on storytelling, reframing, applying a growth-mindset and developing purposeful leadership.


With the client, I capture the current essence of the company, understanding the purpose, values and strategy going forward. Uncovering the deep fabrics of a team to understand the contextual environment of a search mandate. The candidates will be assessed on their career aspirations, their personality, values and acquired ways of working. When a successful match is completed, in accordance with the client, I offer active coaching during the onboarding phase.