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Start-ups & Scale-ups in Switzerland

Setting up your People practices

Getting it right from the start

It all starts with a dream, an inspiring business idea that grows bigger and bigger. Starting a business is exciting and requires a laser-sharp focus. Yet, statistics show that 90% of Start-ups fail within the first three years. Moreover, 75% of the remaining start-ups do not manage to scale-up. Why?

Amongst the top reasons, we find People related issues, such as unclear roles, responsibilities and decision-making, and failure to hire the right team. That’s why it is critical to invest in People from the start, such as consulting on People strategy, People operations, hiring practices, HR infrastructures, team effectiveness, compliance, supporting the CEO along the way, and building knowledge and networks in the ecosystem, among many other things, to truly make a difference.

Sustaining a forward momentum

Given our broad experiences in People organisations of Start-ups and established companies in the Life Sciences and Technology space, we understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution to People matters in Start-ups and Scale-ups. And when you look at the list of responsibilities and “must-haves” for setting up the People function in your Start-up, it can be overwhelming.

We start from your initial situation and develop customized solutions that fit your business strategy. We take into account the stage your company is in, the size of your company, the composition of your workforce, and most importantly, your growth plan.

Together with you, we lay the foundation to be ready for the future. 

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A quote from the Board VP of a Life Sciences company

“Right from the start, we had a trusted strategic People Partner to establish the entire organisation from scratch by putting in place all needed People practices and this made us successful. If I would set up an organisation again, I would do it exactly the same way.”