Unlocking the Power of People Analytics

Enhancing Decision-Making and Driving Value for your Business

Future-proof organizations have a data analytical capability that allows them to better understand the impact of their workforce and workforce interventions on organization performance and employee well-being. We support our clients in building a people analytics practice, enhancing decision-making in the organization. We take a customized approach, aligning our services to each client’s specific needs, considering your current analytical maturity and ambition level.

Our methodology involves linking tangible business challenges to practical solutions that drive value for our clients. It is not just about HR; it is about how HR can enable the execution of the company’s strategy from a people perspective.

Our Services


For Companies

People Analytics Transformation

How do you establish people analytics as a common and accepted practice within your organization? We provide custom-made advisory projects to ensure your people analytics practice will reach its full potential.

We will guide your organization and deliberately co-create with you on building blocks essential for adopting people analytics. Advisory projects are customed-made, but the following critical topics are always included.

  • Co-creating your people analytics ambition
  • Assessing your current people analytical capabilities
  • Understanding the various building blocks for a people analytics practice
  • Co-creating a transformation approach
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For Teams & Individuals

Sparring-partner program for HR leadership

As a sparring partner for your HR leadership, Patrick Coolen, challenges, thinks and co-creates with you on every step in the people analytics journey or other crucial evidence-based initiatives within your organization. The sparring partner can take on various roles tailored to your needs. These roles, but not limited to, can be, for example:

  • The thought leader: Teach and preach the value and application of people analytics to various stakeholders in your organization.
  • The Practitioner: Co-create on how to design or grow your people analytics practice and adjacent services.
  • The Facilitator: Review and co-create documents and presentations related to evidence-based HR or prepare and run evidence-based workshops.
  • The Mentor: In-depth conversations and guidance on people analytics and evidence-based HR

Format: Individual or team meetings
Frequency: An agreed amount of days per month in consultation with the client.
Location: Virtual or on location

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For Teams

In-Company Training

We will upskill and coach your team via our workshop training courses tailored to your organizational needs. With our guidance, your team will learn how to research, define, design, test, validate and implement people analytics.

Format: Standard 5 group sessions of two hours. Costumed to client needs if preferred.
Frequency: In consultation with client. Preferred: bi-weekly or monthly.
Location: Virtual or on location

People Analytics: a deep introduction
Training course for clients who need a deeper and practical understanding of the value and application of people analytics. During the course, clients create their own people analytics project.

How to build a people analytics practice
Training course for clients who need to build people analytics into a common and accepted practice. During the course clients create their own transformation map towards a mature people analytics practice.

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For Leaders

Mentoring for first-time people analytics leaders

Individual sessions with Patrick Coolen addressing client challenges and key drivers for being a successful practice lead and visible authority. Patrick has 15 years of experience leveraging people data and analytics to help organizations and individuals grow, he is recognized as a thought leader and trusted authority in this field.

Format: 6 individual sessions of 1,5 hour
Frequency: In consultation with coachee. Preferred: bi-weekly or monthly
Location: Virtual or on location in the Netherlands

  • Session 1: Getting to know each other and aligning on coachee learning goals
  • Session 2: How to establish alignment between your people analytics practice and the needs of the organization + Personal learning goals
  • Session 3: How to create valuable data-driven services and an evidence-based HR culture + Personal learning goals
  • Session 4: How to transform people analytics practice to an established practice (skills, data and IT) + Personal learning goals
  • Session 5: Your role as the people analytics leader: Connecting the dots and becoming a thought leader
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