Guiding leaders and teams to the essence of the challenges they face

At KennedyFitch we all have a never-ending positive curiosity for people. That curiosity has not only led us to become HR consultants but also coaches. As coaches, we each have our individual style and preferences but what we have in common is a passion to help maximize a coachee’s impact, both at work and outside. In our practice we focus on 4 core areas:

  • Raising self-awareness
  • Understanding the context in which you operate
  • Connecting to the purpose
  • Building trusted relationships

We facilitate both individual and team coaching interventions. Individual coaching is a powerful tool that can be engaged for general personal development or during times of transition. Team coaching sessions can be used to help colleagues become more aligned, improve collaboration and communication or to renew a sense of energy and purpose. 

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Our approach to coaching

Raising self-awareness
We believe that great leaders have good self-awareness and understanding of who they are and who they are not. It is our role to help leaders learn to lead at a higher level, being more self-aware. In our coaching relationships we discover and build on the coachees strengths. We unfold unproductive patterns and find mindset shifts to more productive ways of being and behaving. This helps coachees to better assess situations and the choices they have.

Understanding the context
We coach leaders through change and critical transitions in complex organizations. We help coachees to understand themselves in connection with their changing context. We explore the system they are functioning within; help to understand how they interact with that system and how this relates to the issues they bring to the table. This helps leaders to be more effective, confident and fulfilled in their role and the system they interact with

Connecting the purpose
We help leaders discover and (re)connect with their purpose. Acting from this place of purpose they will feel their strength and reach new levels of performance and maximize their business impact.

Building trusted relationships
As KennedyFitch coaches, one of our key capabilities is to understand the organizational and people aspects of complex organizations, in challenging environments, in a very short time. We build trusted and strong partner relationships with individual coachees, from a place of never-ending curiosity to learn from everybody we meet in life!

Sustainable Transformation

At KennedyFitch we design and implement transformational leadership interventions which activate head and heart


Stimulating new thinking

Discovering knowledge and insights

Wondering the mind


Engaging and reflecting on mindset and core beliefs

Connecting emotionally

Mobilize the daring and willingness to shift

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