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Changing mindsets and behaviors

Look at any list of “top skills” needed now or in the future and you will find that the majority of them are soft skills. The ability to manage yourself and collaborate with others are critical capabilities for anyone in any function. Leveraging our coaching background, we have developed a suite of (inter)personal-effectiveness workshops that can be delivered stand alone or combined into a learning journey.

We also offer workshops specifically targeted at building capabilities within HR. In these sessions HR colleagues can develop their functional knowledge and key interpersonal skills needed to thrive within the future of work and HR.

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360° Leadership development

We help leaders to get a 360 view on their leadership capabilities and to find the single biggest development opportunity to increase their leadership potential.


Based on the Gallup Strengths approach help employees and teams to discover their unique talents to increase their performance and personal engagement.

Leadership Development Center

A tailor made Development Center aimed at identifying development opportunities for your leadership potentials, focused on both technical skills and competencies.

The current debate about performance management

The module takes you through the latest thinking on the why, what and how of performance management and lets you reflect on your own practices.

Strategic Workforce Planning

The module explains how strategic workforce planning can ensure your workforce is aligned with your business objective.

People Leadership Capability Building

Design and delivery of customized or off the shelf development sessions, for a wide array of People & Organization topics relevant to your leaders or team members.

Organizational Design

The module clarifies the latest thinking on OD and explains the key principles to effective OD in order to ensure it supports realization of the business objectives.

Onboarding new leaders

The insightful module raises awareness how onboarding is an important piece of the hiring process and provides tips to help leaders make a smooth transition.

Leadership agility

The module reveals that leaders develop agility by moving through stages and how agile leaders have the ability to take effective action in complex, rapidly changing conditions.

Ingredients of powerful facilitation

A reflective module raising your awareness of the ingredients of effective facilitation and where your strengths and development opportunities are with regard to these ingredients.

Influencing skills

The module explains the push and pull model of influence and how influencing skills require a healthy combination of interpersonal, communication and assertiveness techniques.

Impactful talent identification

The module provides the latest insights in what effective talent identification methods are and components of talent identification are outlined.

HR Capability Building

Design and delivery of customized or off the shelf development sessions, for a wide array of HR critical capabilities (e.g. People Analytics; Change Mgt; Organization Design; Strategic Workforce Planning; Performance Mgt; Talent Acquisition; Retention Mgt)

How to become a trusted & authentic advisor

A hands-on module to increase your awareness on the elements to build a reputation of an advisor who can be trusted and regarded as authentic.

Future of work HR

The module provides you with a mind blowing tsunami of knowledge about what is going on in the world of work currently as well as what the future might look like.

Employee Experience Bootcamp

Groups of HR colleagues were taught the principles of EX through experiential learning activities.

Employee Experience

The module leads to insights about how EX is certain to lead to greater levels of employee engagement, enthusiasm, involvement and retention.

Different perspective on engagement in your team

The module makes you aware to what extent the goals, purpose and values of your employees are in line with the organization goals, purpose and values.

Cultural integration of M&A

The module addresses M&A cultural integration issues in transitions and discusses the importance of culture during the integration of two companies.

Behavioral interviewing

The module provides you with insight in how behavioral interviewing raises the effectiveness of the selection process. The module takes you through the effective methodology.

A different perspective on learning

The module takes you through new perspectives on learning based on experiences and research on effective learning in the 21st century.

Your conflict handling style

Based on your conflict mode profile you will understand what your preferred conflict style is, when it is good to use and when not, and how you can flex yourself to develop a broader variety of conflict handling styles.

Your brain and sleep

Why sleep deprivation is costly to you and your business? A couple of myths about sleep debunked. Why ‘sleep’ is an important element of building your personal resilience in a highly stressful corporate world? What happens during your sleep (neuroscientific underpinning)? What can you do to improve your own productivity through sleep?

X Model of Engagement

A reflective workshop making you aware to what extent your goals, purpose and values are in line with the organization goals, purpose and values. The workshop can be thought provoking and may trigger further reflection.

Working in the Matrix

An impactful workshop to support your effectiveness in working in a matrixed organization. The workshop raises your awareness what skills, style and structure are needed to be successful, and helps you to build your individual action plan.

Trust at work

A connecting workshop to understand the concept, enablers and barriers of trust at the workplace. The workshop helps you to define what is important when it comes to trust at work, and how you can (co-) create an atmosphere of trust around you.

Personal Branding

A thought-provoking workshop that supports you in defining and building your personal brand for career development and success. The workshop will help you build the brand called You by digging deep to know who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe in.

Network Mapping

An action-oriented workshop to learn how to map your network and to drive decisions or conversations that will help you to get the right development or career support of your most important professional relationships.

Meeting Effectiveness

A hands-on workshop to increase your awareness on how effective your meetings are. Do you have a clear purpose and plan? Do you execute it well? Practical tips and behavioral suggestions. Get the best out of your and your team’s time spent in meetings.

Leading your team through transitions

Using insight from developmental psychology and neuroscience to build a framework to deal with the ‘inner, psychological’ side of change and how to help your team navigate through the unsettling consequences of change.

Insights Profiler workshop

Using the Insights Profiler questionnaire to help individuals to better understand their preferences and to help teams to understand their diversity of thought and their complementarity.

Influential Listening

A reflective and fun workshop to be more aware of your own level of listening and the impact it has on you influencing others. The workshop lets you practice and experience four levels of listening, making you more aware of and broadly skilled in powerful listening.

Increasing self-awareness

A workshop to increase your self-awareness. Based on Gustav Jung’s typologies you will detect your own preferences and how you can adapt and connect better with you colleagues.

Inclusive Behavior

How to ensure teams you work in embrace the diversity of thinking required to innovate through thought leadership whilst making everyone feel included. Check to what extent your personal approach inadvertently excludes some people and by exploring your values, get to grips with your own unconscious bias.

How do we reach decisions

An engaging workshop to understand how teams reach decisions for specific topics. When do you apply consensus, executive decision making, voting or consultative decision making? Answer this question for the tasks at hand in your team.

Hot Buttons

An energizing workshop to understand yourself & your behavior better when a person or situation is triggering your irritation. The workshop provides insight in what causes your responses and how to manage your responses of irritation and frustration.

High Performance Habits

An insightful workshop to understand how to apply high performance habits in your daily interactions. Check In, Check Out, Balcony & Dance: practical habits that will positively impact your personal effectiveness.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

An energizing workshop to practice giving & receiving feedback in a very positive setting. In the workshop we practice giving & receiving feedback at a high pace and in an energetic way to build interpersonal insights.

Energy Management

An activating workshop inviting reflection to optimize your personal energy in times of change. The workshop helps to recognize which behaviors drain your energy and which behaviors energize you. Then you’ll make a plan to (re)charge your energy.

Developing your growth mindset

Using examples from real corporate leaders, make a distinction between a fixed and a growth mindset. Provide the supporting neuroscience to this concept. Exploring the implications for your own way of dealing with challenges in your career.

Developing cross cultural awareness

Understanding the various dimensions of culture and using a research-based model for culture differences to explore your own culture and other national cultures. Using critical incidents to study the impact of culture on international working relationship and how you can reconcile cultural differences.

Courageous Conversations

A stimulating workshop to learn how to prepare well for difficult conversations, addressing conflict or underlying tension in a (working) relationship. You will build courage and skills to have these important conversations that you may tend to shy away from.

Core Qualities

A useful workshop identifying your core qualities, your allergies, your pitfalls and your development areas. The workshop will increase your self-awareness resulting in input for a strengths based individual development plan.

Connecting with your motivators: what drives you?

A deepening workshop to explore your drivers and motivators, in the context of your workplace: what is important to you? How does this relate to your working context? This workshops builds your understanding of different types of drivers, helps you to identify these for yourself and enables you to connect these to your workplace

Coaching Wheel

A focused workshop to learn about a coaching method as well as practice actual application of this model. Structured, practical and real; you will be ready to apply coaching in daily life after this session.

Circle of Influence & Control

An insightful workshop providing a fresh look at what you can control and influence, and what you can’t. You will map your relationships at work, reflect on obstacles and unrealized opportunities in those relationships, and translate this into an action plan.

Changing behavior

A reflective workshop, providing insight in why it is difficult to change, what elements keep you stuck in old behaviors, and what you can do to find beliefs that enable change into new behaviors.

Building your Resilience

A reflective workshop to understand the importance of resilience, esp. during change. The workshop helps you to take stock of your own resilience, to identify factors to strengthen your resilience and to translate these into actions.

Biases in decision making

An interactive workshop to understand how biases influence and sub optimize your decision making. The workshop helps you to reflect which biases you apply most and what countermeasures you can take to improve your decision making.


We work with you to identify the root cause and be bolder in your solutioning

In the new world of work a much more blended workforce will emerge. We are “talent and leadership developers” and provide interventions on an individual, team and organizational level. We will help you to define your People Strategy within this context and plan for the right skills, capabilities and capacity.​

The workforce of the future will also expect a re-humanized and consumerized HR. We will work with you to shift from “process-thinking” to “experience thinking”, to think of all your talent interventions in terms of EX journeys and to build Design Thinking and agile HR capabilities.​ Our aim is to enable people to be the best versions of themselves and our interventions always touch on both the hearts and the minds of people. As both consultants and coaches, we believe that sustainable transformations can only be achieved when both are aligned. ​

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