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Humanized Growth and Multistakeholder Value Creation [Study]

Join us as we proudly present our new study that explores the concept of Humanized Growth and Multistakeholder Value Creation. In collaboration with Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs), we have curated a comprehensive study that explores diverse perspectives.

A Fork in the Road [Career Guide]

Embark on an exciting journey towards the next steps in your career with our comprehensive guide ‘A Fork in the Road’! Whether you’re actively seeking a new opportunity or simply curious about your next career move, our guide is designed to provide you with practical advice, insightful recommendations, and the encouragement needed to approach the job market with confidence.


The Future of HR seen through two different lenses

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Becoming more Empathetic (2020)

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What if “I hear you” was all you needed to say?

For many of you, this is your first full-on crisis. Even if you experienced the 2008 Financial crisis or the ups and downs of the VUCA world, nothing could have prepared you for this. Covid-19 is VUCA on steroids and nobody saw it coming (ok, except for Bill Gates). You have had to support your employees whose homes turned into offices and classrooms overnight, who fell ill or had loved ones falling ill, or whom you have had to let go through no fault of their own.

10 unavoidable trends relevant for HR

We recently ran a workshop with the HR Executive Team of a large multinational on the Future of Work and the Future of HR and I thought to share the summary. One of our clients asked us where most companies are with regards to preparedness for the future and we took the liberty to paraphrase Dave Ulrich; 20% is getting it, 60% is trying to understand and wants to get there and 20% will never get it.

Employee Experience or the Customer Experience of HR?

How well we take on the perspective of our colleagues in our design of EX determines its ultimate impact. One of the key threats or challenges to Employee Experience (EX) is the tendency to see the way people experience our organizations through a narrow HR lens. The danger exists in the sense that framing EX as the ‘Customer Experience of HR’ and using HR jargon and frameworks will limit what we create and offer our employees and will keep EX as an ‘HR initiative’.

Building analytics capabilities in the HR function

In the context of employee experience, we start thinking in journeys, in touchpoints, in moments that matter, we start design thinking, we start involving our employees in the design. This essentially means we are moving from “vertical management of people ” towards “horizontal distribution of work”. And this requires different management practices; we no longer “own” the data, we now start “sharing” the data.

HR transformation” is dead. Long live HR Disruption.

Over the past 20 years as industries have been impacted by massive change and many have seen the need to transform their HR function. Following Dave Ulrich’s highly acclaimed book “HR Champions” in the mid 90’s of the last century, and with the help of a few consulting firms, we have embarked on several waves of large-scale HR transformations. But what is the real business impact of all this effort.