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Albert Einstein once said, “the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know”. We have entered an era where continuous learning and development has to be part of our DNA, in order to keep up with the rapid pace of change. At the same time, digital technology has also made learning from each other so much easier. We also believe that we are rapidly moving towards “consumerized careers”, whereby we will be fully in charge of our own career paths. In other words, you will be the master of your HR career and, ideally speaking, surrounded by mentors, career sponsors, experts and friends who will care about your long-term success and professional wellbeing.

That is why we bring together experts and professionals in a number of communities and networks, to help HR colleagues become masters of their own careers.


A bi-annual international event with renown speakers, zooming into the Future of Work and the Future of The Forum aims to transform your thinking about the HR profession, moving “beyond” the ongoing debate on HR, becoming an impactful journey and a must-attend event for HR executives.

Visit www.beyondhrforum.com

Peer Group Coaching for CHROs & Senior Executives

Peer Group Coaching is a facilitated reflection in small peer groups. In a group of 6 people, you reflect on personal dilemmas and challenges you encounter as CHRO, enriched by multiple perspectives from peers and an experienced executive coach. Peer Group Coaching for CHROs comes with many benefits. Trusted peers bring outside-in perspectives that provoke your thinking and it facilitates shared learning.

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Madison One

Madison One is an exclusive community of talented senior HR professionals, recognized for their thought leadership and professional footprints. Whether you are looking for a career mentor, subject matter expertise, tools, cutting-edge learning or meeting like-minded senior HR professionals globally, Madison One is your ultimate resource. (*By invitation only)

HR Academy

Online Learning Platform for HR Game-Changers: We bring you the best-in-class content you can apply right away, to help you build the HR of the future. We bring you the latest research available and equip you with practical skills for you to be able to apply the new knowledge right way.