7 March 2019
Webinar: What makes a great journey map

The Employee Experience Leaders Network of KennedyFitch invites you to join our webinar series of stories from EX Heads and Thought Leaders, where we dive into the topic of Journey Mapping for EX.


Thursday, March 7th TIME: 4 PM CET / 10 AM Northeast US


  • Jim Kalbach, Author of ‘Mapping Experiences’ and thought leader in Mapping Journeys
  • Elliott Nelson, EX Practice Lead at KennedyFitch

Journey Mapping is one of the 5 Pillars of EX and a key capability to develop for organizations creating strong experiences for both Customers and Employees. Jim Kalbach is one of the foremost thought leaders in this space and has been active in researching and teaching how to visualize and map journeys for the User Experience, coming from a digital and software perspective going back over 20 years.

Jim’s book on Mapping Experiences is a must-read and his website is a treasure trove of articles about mapping experiences, with publications stretching back to 2007.

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