Masterclass in People Analytics

Are you an early career professional in people analytics or working in HR and looking to deepen your understanding of this dynamic field? Whether you’re just starting out or seeking to enhance your skills, this is your chance to boost your impact, knowledge, and practical experience by learning from an experienced expert.

Join our masterclass to gain valuable insights from Patrick Coolen, a practitioner and thought leader who has successfully established and grown people analytics practices in large organizations. This is your chance to take your people analytics skills to new heights.

This program will give you the knowledge and skills to make a real impact on your business through people analytics and evidence-based HR in general. You will learn about how to select high-value people analytics uses-cases, you will experience real-life examples, and you will get a preview of some of the new innovative AI solutions in the market.

Furthermore, the masterclass will walk you through the people analytics process, showing you best practices and pitfalls during the process. You’ll also learn how to create a tailored roadmap for growing people analytics into an established practice in your organisation. Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the top experts in the industry and boost your approach to people analytics.


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Patrick is an experienced HR executive with expertise in people analytics, workforce management, employee listening, engagement, and HR strategy. As a Partner at KennedyFitch, he helps make HR more evidence-based to improve decision-making. Patrick is passionate about understanding how people perform, engage, collaborate, and grow. His methodical approach and ability to turn vision into solutions make him a sought-after advisor in the HR field.

Description of the Masterclass

The business value of people analytics: You will learn about the foundations of a people analytics practice, and how to ensure real business impact with your people analytics use cases.

Real examples of people analytics cases: You will experience deep examples of people analytics combining employee listening and analytical techniques. Plus you will get inspired by some new and upcoming AI solutions.

Experience a people analytics process walkthrough: You will learn about the pitfalls and best practices when doing your analyses, modelling, or research. You will learn your role as the people analytics leader, HR manager, generalist, or specialist in a data analytics project and data-driven decision-making in general.

How to establish people analytics as a common practice: You will understand the core enablers for building and growing a people analytics practice, and why building a company-specific roadmap is so important.

Included in this masterclass is an additional 30-minutes one-on-one session with Patrick Coolen