8 March 2018
Future of Work Webinar with Mala Grewal

“3 Tips to Manage Millenials in Today’s Workplace”

Join Millennial expert, Mala Grewal (Founder of Talent Catalyst, a Millennial Career Performance company), to learn how managers can effectively manage and help Millennials advance their careers through our complex multi-generational workforce. Walk away with practical tips on how to effectively have conversations, set expectations, and build relationships that allow Managers to leverage the strengths of the younger workforce. And help Millennials build meaningful careers and lead in today’s dynamic workplace. Topics of discussion

Keys to being a successful millennial manager

  • The future of work – technology and economic transitions that are shaping today’s workforce
  • The differences in generational attitudes and behaviors
  • Millennial obstacles and opportunities

Mala Grewal is founder of TalentCatalyst, a career performance company designed to build the generation gap. The goal is to enable every generation to build effective working relationships with one another by teaching each how to have performance conversations that meet their needs and thereby increase engagement, alignment, and leadership in the future workforce. Mala is a frequent guest speaker and leads workshops with top global companies around the world e.g. Apple, Nestlé, Disney, Visa, and Google. She spent several years in the marketing industry. She has a Masters in Organizational Leadership from University San Diego and a Bachelors in Marketing Communications from Brigham Young.


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