Beyond HR Forum, Amsterdam

We zoom into the Future of the work, the Future of HR, the Future Workplace and its impact on society. The Forum aims to transform your thinking about the HR profession, shifting your paradigms to perspectives that you have not considered yet. The forum moves way “beyond” the ongoing debate on HR, becoming an impactful journey and must-attend highlight for a progressive HR curriculum. We will address the technology changes that are impacting HR, but (where other conferences stop) we go “beyond” and also consider technology in the context of the society and how social impact can be generated. Next to this, we will address how “de-humanized” HR can be “re-humanized” by building EX-centric companies.


The Beyond HR Forum offers a platform for speakers who are “beyond” mainstream, those ones that generate impact in academia, in consulting or inside companies. Our speakers are at home in their profession, they impact in real-life (and speak less at large stages). They have a point of view on HR that is deeply rooted in practice, publications, science or consulting or they are redefining the game as start-up. They will explore the game changers that are impacting their businesses, economies, societies, environments and organizations. The 2018 program involves an elite of forward looking thought leaders from around the world and a number of C level, world-class executives. United by a common purpose to lift HR they are trying to design and shape the Future of work, the workplace and HR and share their perspectives with you.

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