6 November 2019
EX Leaders Networking event, New York

EX Leaders are looking for best Analytics, effective Digital platforms, designing new workspace and Journeys that go beyond HR processes. Furthermore, most EX Leaders are doing their role for the very first time and most have started in the past 24 months. EX ‘Pioneers’ are looking for ‘What’s Next for EX?’. We formed this network at the request of EX Leaders who want to meet and learn from one another, share ‘what works’, and co-create and shape EX to emphasize the Human Experience.

Most conferences feature one-way presentations. You sit and listen. Our events are designed to engage and maximize the learning from everyone present, with topics across the rich spectrum of EX.

We invite all EX and CX leaders and those who do People Analytics, Design Thinking, Journey Mapping, Physical and Digital Workspace, Agile methodology, as well as those who design People processes that benefit from EX e.g. Talent Acquisition, Learning, Performance Management, etc.

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