19 October 2018
HR Masterclass: Future of Work Series

At KennedyFitch we keep a finger on the pulse on the Future of HR; we are constantly researching about new developments and in this context, we gladly invite you for a half day Masterclass on Friday, October 19 in Zurich from 2 PM onwards. You will have the opportunity to meet and learn from 2 leaders in the HR profession who are redefining the boundaries of HR. They have in common that their business is totally built around technology, that they are “data-hungry” and that everything they do is “implementable”, irrespective of the maturity of your HR technology infrastructure. They live the Future of HR with solutions that work today. This Masterclass is a unique opportunity for senior HR executives who want to stay informed about the developments in the HR function – and discuss with peers the challenges in creating a data and technology-driven culture in HR.


Dirk Jonker is founder and CEO of the workforce reporting and analytics solution, Crunchr. He also founded the Workforce Analytics Research Consortium, where universities and leading analytics teams conduct fundamental research to preempt the themes of next year. Prior to Crunchr, Dirk worked as a consulting actuary in New York and Amsterdam. Dirk’s areas of interest are workforce planning and leadership succession planning, where he uses artificial intelligence and virtual reality to tell the story in boardrooms. IT research and advisory company Gartner named Crunchr on its “Cool vendor in Human Capital Management, 2015” list, and in 2016 the Randstad Innovation Fund made an investment in Crunchr. Dirk was named Dutch entrepreneurial top talent by the Dutch Financial Times and was named Actuary of the Year in 2017/2018.

Jonathan Kestenbaum is the Managing Director of Talent Tech Labs, THE source of information about Talent Acquisition and Technology. He is a lawyer by education and an entrepreneur and investor by trade. Jonathan has embodied an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, having started and run two successful businesses before the age of twenty-one. Jonathan is passionate about being on the cutting edge of innovation and capitalizing on industry trends. He currently spends his days managing TTL’s innovation lab and advising the recruitment technology companies of tomorrow. Jonathan can be found at HR technology conferences all over the world as a sought-after speaker and panelist sharing deep insights into the evolution of the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem.

Lars Wetemans is the CEO of Wonderkind. Wonderkind (previously Recruitz.io) is a fully automated job advertising platform that helps corporates and staffing agencies worldwide to create and execute the perfect recruitment marketing campaign. By leveraging artificial intelligence they reach top talent with smart job ads.

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