Humanized Growth and Multistakeholder Value Creation

Perspectives from Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs)

Join us as we proudly present our new study that explores the concept of Humanized Growth and Multistakeholder Value Creation. In collaboration with Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs), we have curated a comprehensive study that explores diverse perspectives.

Discover the perspectives shared by more than 30 CHROs and industry experts representing various sectors worldwide, who act as architects of the employee experience, provide invaluable insights. Gain a deeper understanding of reshaping organizational strategies beyond the conventional models that solely focus on shareholders. Immerse yourself in the commonalities, divergent views, and unique strategies that emerged during these  conversations, providing a fresh outlook on navigating the complexities of humanized growth.

A Visionary Approach: Shaping a Better Future for Business

We envision a future where businesses actively balance the diverse needs of stakeholders. Our study extends beyond conventional insights, offering a hopeful vision for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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A special thanks to

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the world-class CHROs, thought leaders, and experts who contributed, acknowledging also the ones who opted to remain anonymous and not have quotes attributed. Their valuable insights and input have greatly enriched the quality of this study.

Ronald Meijers, CEO at ABAB
Nic Brassey, former Head of HR at Amazon Europe
Jean-Charles Castellano, Executive coach and former CHRO at Ardian and Pernod Ricard
Jeroen Wels, Chief People Officer at COFRA Holding, former Chief Talent Officer for Unilever
Ditri Zandstra, former CHRO at COFRA Holding
Paulo Pisano, CHRO at Booking
Suzanne Jungjohann, CHRO at Royal Cosun
Liza Engel, Chief Sustainability Officer at Deloitte Switzerland, former CHRO
Mala Singh, Chief People Officer at Electronic Arts
Geraldine Fraser, former CHRO at FrieslandCampina
Johanna Meijer-Wolfbauer, HR Director Global Functions at FrieslandCampina
Gert Schrijver, former SVP People and Culture USA at Imperial Brands
Johan den Holder, CHRO at Kebony
Loren I. Shuster, Chief People Officer & Head of Corporate Affairs at the LEGO Group
Caroline Barth, former CHRO at Lonza
Alice Diels, CHRO at Louwman Group
Stijn Nauwelaerts, VP HR at Microsoft
Janine Vos, CHRO and Managing Board at Rabobank Group
Sabine van Hooijdonk, CHRO at Royal BAM Group
Frederic Barge, Managing Director & Founder at Reward Value
Katarina Berg, CHRO at Spotify
Jasper den Ouden, CHRO at SR Technics Group
Isabel Workel-Tijhuis, CHRO at Triodos Bank
Hans Stegeman, Chief Economist, Group Director Impact & Economics at Triodos Bank
Raf Lamberts, CHRO at Vanderlande
Thomas Mulder, CHRO at VodafoneZiggo
Xavier Baeten, Partner and Professor of Reward and Sustainability at Vlerick Business School
Markus Graf, Vice President, Global Head of Talent of a large healthcare company

Background of this report

In a rapidly changing global landscape, the concept of business growth has underwent a profound transformation. Companies today are no longer defined solely by their capacity to generate profits for shareholders. Instead, they are increasingly seen as integral parts of a larger societal ecosystem, responsible for creating value for all stakeholders, colleagues, customers, communities, and investors. The Institute for Real Growth (IRG), in collaboration with the Future of Marketing Institute at the Said Business School of Oxford University, is leading the IRG Impact Study to explore this paradigm shift, identify the drivers of Humanized Growth and the roles of the Board and each of the C-Suite functions. The IRGC Impact Study serves as a beacon for organizations navigating the shifting tides of business growth. It provides a comprehensive practical framework for leaders to embrace Humanized Growth and create lasting value for all stakeholders.

As a study partner, KennedyFitch wanted to have a deeper understanding of the perspectives of CHROs and this study compiles our findings and perspective.


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