Building Bridges Across Borders

Building Bridges Across Borders

Meet Nienke Lodewijk, partner at KennedyFitch, who is developing a candidate-driven search approach in the Dutch-German Fintech and Sustainable Finance Sectors.

With over two decades of experience in succession, talent and leadership in the Financial Services Industry, she knows the inside business nuances.

Join us as we explore Nienke’s strategies for shaping the future of cross-border business.

Hello Nienke, with your extensive background in the Financial Services Industry, what motivated you to specialize in the Dutch-German market?

The strong economic ties of Germany and The Netherlands create a high degree of professional mobility. In my perception, our distinct cultural differences are complementary strengths. Both the Dutch and German Leaders acknowledge the benefits of this enrichment, working together, sharing knowledge, and pooling resources to tackle the current financial landscape challenges. This creates a very powerful dynamic mix, with an interesting pool of vetted candidates for executive roles to drive innovative partnerships.

How does your candidate-driven approach differ from the traditional client-driven model?

I believe that both clients and candidates can benefit from a more strategic approach to search. My approach enriches the talent pipeline of clients by proactively introducing external talent for internal succession. This involves identifying and engaging with potential candidates well before a vacancy arises, ensuring that these candidates intrinsically align with the company’s culture and values. By having this talent pool ready, we significantly lower the time (costs) required to fill key positions, create more bench strength, and prioritize accelerated onboarding.

What do you think is the key leadership challenge in the Fintech and Sustainable Finance Sectors?

In this landscape, it is crucial to have leaders with the right skill set for the future, who fuel the unique culture and understand the art of balancing between innovation, sustainability goals, and regulatory compliance. We are facing a critical challenge: the scarcity of experienced leadership capable of guiding these organizations through their accelerated growth. Therefore, I aim to attract purpose-driven leaders and top talent to foster a culture of sustainability.

And in addition to your Executive Search Services, you also offer Executive Career Coaching?

Work is more than a job. As a trusted advisor, I have coached hundreds of senior executives experiencing ambition pain, feeling stuck, or simply ready for a new challenge. They often lack the time, energy, and a trusted advisor to help them navigate their career crossroads. If they are ready to explore new challenges, transition into a different job, company or sector, I’m here for them. I am currently launching a Career Transformation Program to personally guide senior executives to a new role, following their own unique journey.

Thank you Nienke for this interview!

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to reach out to Nienke Lodewijk directly.

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