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Webinar Series:

Recrafting Performance for a Culture that Inspires

The world of work has transformed and we now face a new reality of connecting our people in dispersed and remote teams, wherever they may work. This has impacted how we work, manage, develop and assess. HR has now more than ever a responsibility and opportunity to build diverse, inclusive cultures where employees can experience a culture that inspires. This webinar series explored how performance is driven from three angles – being employee owned, manager guided and organisation enabled. This series will move through each, exploring practical steps to accelerate your journey into re-imagining the world of work. By harnessing the power of understanding and crafting experiences at work, they can better understand what keeps employees fulfilled, how to redesign processes accordingly and how to boost belonging and performance.

Webinar 1: From performance management to manager guided performance

Webinar 2: Employee owned performance

Webinar 3: Organisational enablement: Roadmap on how we get there