Consulting specialization

  • Talent Acquisition, Performance, and Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Experience

Kaitlyn Wamsteeker

Practice: Consulting & Executive Search
Based in: Switzerland
Languages: English

I believe that people are the foundation to every successful team. How you listen, lead, develop, and motivate your team will have a large impact on what you are able to accomplish. My passion in human resources only continues to grow with the more teams, companies, and employees I meet. I have 6+ years of experience in diverse talent-focused roles including early career recruitment, compensation, talent development, and talent management. My favorite career experiences have been when I am placed in a role that allows me to build trust with key stakeholders and create something to enable employees. I love working on strategic talent-focused projects to reimagine the “how” of HR. I have also had the opportunity of living on four continents which has helped me grow personally and professionally in my perspective and approach. I am always eager to learn and apply new ideas, all with an inclusive mindset.


When a role aligns with a leader’s potential, the opportunities are endless. I work with you to ensure we identify what you need and how we can communicate the impact of the role with the right talent. I am passionate about connecting with people, understanding their motivators, and ensuring long term impact.


My passion for partnership and learning enables me to provide value while consulting with clients and partners. I take time to understand your goals, build trust with you and your team, and approach all my work with human-centric mindset. I look for new opportunities that have a long-term impact for your team and organization.