Search Specialization

  • HR Tech
  • Commercial and Operational roles
  • Asia-related roles

Hans Wijsma


Practice: Executive Search
Based in: The Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch, German, French and Mandarin

After getting my masters in law at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam I worked most of my career in Technology of which 8 years in China and Singapore. I started at IBM where I was a marketing and sales trainee, account manager, alliances manager and territory manager. Following IBM I set up a mobile payment company in Shanghai followed by setting up another one, this time in HR Technology (recruitment and talent management software) which still exists today. After this switch to HR tech I had leadership roles in several international HR tech companies like f.e. Lumesse and Alight, before I made a Switch to a Chinese leader in renewables technology, also in a senior international role. On top of this I have over two years of experience working in a role as executive search consultant.


With 20+ years of international experience in a variety of companies and roles ranging from large corporates to scale-up and startups, whilst having lived and worked in Europe, China and Singapore, I focus on commercial and operational leadership roles in an international setting with a specialization in HR Tech and Asia-related roles.