Family-owned Businesses

When a Family Business turns into a Business Family

We assist families, owners, and managers in navigating the challenges of finding top talent to fill senior executive positions across the functions. We work closely with family entrepreneurs and management on succession planning and in situations that require disruptive change.

Long-lasting connections with clients have been fundamental to become a trusted advisor to family companies, where we work with the family entrepreneurs and their teams. Here we jointly aim, by bringing the right leaders on board, at driving major growth in national economies and with that, make unique contributions to societies.

Every organization wants to ensure a strong executive team to steward complex business strategies, however in the family-owned business scenario, there are even more factors to face; including the family dynamics, core values, company history, and workforce expectations. With this in mind, finding talent for family owned businesses starts with sourcing candidates who fully comprehend and connect with the company’s primary mission.

We understand the unique and delicate dynamics that come with a family business and we can help you bring in and/or develop the high-potential you need to meet your business goals, while providing an outside, neutral, perspective.