Consultancy specialization

  • Leadership team effectiveness
  • Leadership development
  • Organizational culture & transformational change, train-the-trainer approaches to build communities of enablers of change
  • Future of work & Employee Experience (EX)

Coaching Specialities

  • Learning how to cope with work related stress.
  • (Re)finding strength in your (new) leadership role.
  • Learning to deal with inside organizational/ team dynamics and how this influences you in your role.
  • How to deal with the special challenges of an HR role

Tineke van den Heuvel

Practice: Consultancy & Coaching
Based in: The Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, French

My experience comes from 20 years in HR transformational leadership roles in large multinational organizations and is underpinned by academic education and practical training in organizational science, business administration, Human Resources, coaching, team facilitation, and group dynamics.

I have a proven track record in large scale global transformational change, with a special focus on all leadership related and organizational culture challenges, touching head and heart in organizational, team and individual processes. I love to share my knowledge an passion for HR, Leadership and Organizational culture change as a a guest lecturer at the Tilburg University and TIAS business school.


I love working for all kinds of organizations, from small and local to large and global. My style is open, joy-full, supportive, challenging in a non-judgmental way, strongly analytical and with a true interest in others. Through deep listening and joint exploration I help clients to unfold what was hard to grasp in a particular working context and co-create the way forward . I do this based on my deep understanding of how organizations work, how they are structured, what their aims and objectives are, the nature of key roles and how relationships work as well as management theory; power dynamics and the elements of corporate culture. I draw on ideas from the fields of organizational behaviour, leadership and management theory, cognitive behavioural theory, group dynamics and systems thinking.


As a coach one of my key capabilities is to understand the organizational and people aspects of complex organizations in challenging environments in a very short time and build trusted relations with individual coaches and with teams. My key focus is on exploring, unfolding and understanding the interaction between the dynamics of the external work environment and what happens within: within the individual or within the dynamics of the team which might lead to unproductive patterns of behavior. This enables individuals or teams to dare to shift, adding new, more productive patterns of behaving to their existing ones. . I am certified by McKinsey as Facilitator and Coach for Leadership Transformation and as Systems-Psychodynamics Coach and Consultant by the Tavistock Institute/ University of Utrecht.