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Michela Tambone

Practice: Executive Search & Consulting
Based in: Italy
Languages: English, Italian

I firmly believe that continuous open dialogue and shared values, coupled with the embrace of multicultural diversity and individuality, form the foundation of any successful team and innovative organization. With a background in organizational behavior and psychology, I am a former HR practitioner, and my knowledge and experience derive from nearly 15 years of international work across various industries, including Pharma, Chemical Manufacturing, B2B, and Consumer.

Over these years, I have been involved in and managed various aspects of HR, closely collaborating with the business. This has exposed me to numerous challenges and organizational changes that have contributed to shaping the professional I am today. While reflecting on my career, I find the most fulfillment in the achievements and projects where I have assisted individuals and organizations move forward, bringing them one step closer to their goals and ambitions.


Identifying the ideal candidate is not a straightforward task of merely filling an immediate job opening. Instead, it involves selecting an individual who aligns with the company’s values and whose aspirations, experience, abilities, and mindset align with the organization’s goals, vision, and culture. Therefore, in the process of recruitment, I dedicate time to comprehend the client’s requirements, understand their upcoming challenges, and the qualities they seek in the candidate. Similarly, I invest effort in getting to know the candidates, listening to their narrative, understanding their career progression, identifying what drives them and what demotivates them.


Over my experience, I have been part and managed many re-organisation and transformation programs. Besides the more technical element of HR labor law requirements, I mainly built a strong and close collaboration with the business to secure proper change management towards the affected employees. With the leadership team, I have designed operating models to optimize teams and organisational effectiveness, while laying-out communication plans and learning programs to support the development of new competencies.