Consultancy specialization

  • Employee Experience / Customer Experience
  • HR Strategy & HR Technology
  • Business Transformation with a focus on culture & leadership
  • Talent & Executive Development
  • Performance Management
  • People Analytics
  • Total (executive) Reward Programs
  • Labour Affairs & Relations (eg CLA, Social Plan & Pension)
  • Organisation Design
  • HR Due Diligence / Post-Merger HR

Coaching specialization

  • Career Literacy
  • Leadership Development
  • Boardroom Coaching

Search specialization

  • Human Resources at CHRO & CHRO+1 level
  • Executive Search for Private Equity
  • Executive Search for Financial Services
  • Our sweet spot is International candidates for multinational companies

Frank van den Brink
Managing Partner

Practice: Consultancy, Coaching & Executive Search
Based in: The Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch

As a CHRO I have made critical contributions to Global HR, business transformation and the future of … work. Being the first Chief Employee Experience Officer in the Netherlands, I have been pioneering in the field of Employee Experience (EX) as a foundation for new HR business and operating models. One of my leading questions has always been how we value human in a context of technology?! I have acted both as transformation leader and operational leader with a strong focus on execution and delivery. As corporate HR executive I can leverage my progressive career in Financial Services with a clear focus on people, business and organization transformation, expressing a creative growth mindset with strong business acumen. As an entrepreneur I co-founded Mindlike, a progressive investment company focussed on Humanizing Growth.


In my consulting work I focus on partnering with HR and Transformation leaders to tackle their most important business challenges driving the Humanizing Growth playbook for their organizations. I always look for opportunities to shape and co-create the strategic people agenda. I am passionate about helping leaders navigate complexity and maximize their positive impact. This could be uncomfortable from time to time, but solving complicated problems and driving new solutions has gotten us a long way. My relevant HR start-up and scale-up network enables me to always bring some innovation to the table. 


My professional life is all about supporting others in their personal and professional growth to overcome their challenges and deliver business value. I like to be independent in my observations, create high performing teams and will act bold if needed. I would like to be a mover and shaker in the world of human capital. Being a husband and father of three will keep me grounded and focused on what really matters in life!


One of the most extraordinary and yet quietly routine features of our age is the assumption that we should be able to find work that we do not only tolerate, or endure for money, but profoundly appreciate for its high degree of purpose, impact and creativity. This will raise the bar for both candidates and organizations to navigate their way into the future of work. I like to help both people finding jobs they love and clients address their most important leadership needs. If they face challenges in their journey to realize this, we can support them in this personal and professional quest.