KennedyFitch is an executive search and management consulting boutique with a unique combination of specialisms in dedicated functions and markets.
In our executive search practice, we focus on “international candidates for multinational companies” where we have built a reputation and track record in Human Resources, in-house Strategy, Supply Chain and Operational Excellence, Marketing, R&D and the New Economy.

Our projects focus on specific vacancies as well as international talent pipeline projects. Our clients are well-known brands and more than 60% of our candidates relocate internationally for their new role. We intimately understand the dual career challenges associated with international job-related relocations where candidates consistently compliment us for our holistic and sincere career advice, shared responsibility for success. In our career dialogues, we identify the best solution for both professional and personal circumstances.
Our clients praise us for the unmatched proximity to the global talent pools, the depth, flexibility and quality of our services and subsequent partnering.
Just like our clients and candidates our team is international. All of us have lived, worked and/or studied in multiple geographies.

In our management consulting practice, we do consulting “with you” and not “to you” and all our interventions are focused on capability transfer; you will get the What, the How and the Why. We do not start with products or solutions, but we take your starting point and tailor solutions for your challenges. As such, each of our interventions is unique and the natural outcome of this approach is that we co-create and build “your truth” as opposed to selling “our truth”. All of us have worked more than 20 years inside large multinationals “on your side” and we have walked in your shoes. This allows us to help building solutions that continue working once we are gone. We have a point of view and you may not always get what you ask for, but you will certainly get what you need.

Our clients