Knowledge Sharing & Communities

We connect tribes of practice and build HR for the future. We provide company-independent and highly individualized career services and events with inspiring speakers that enable you to stay abreast the future of work and be part of creating it.

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A bi-annual international event with renown speakers, zooming into the World of the Work and the World of HR. The Forum aims to transform your thinking about the HR profession, moving “beyond” the ongoing debate on HR, becoming an impactful journey and a must-attend event for HR executives.

Madison One

Madison One is an exclusive community of talented senior HR professionals, recognized for their thought leadership and professional footprints. Whether you are looking for a career mentor, subject matter expertise, tools, cutting-edge learning or meeting like-minded senior HR professionals globally, Madison One is your ultimate resource.

Career Hack

Career Hack is a “give-back” initiative of HR executives and senior professionals to support the next generation of HR talent in their career steps. Whether on a steep learning curve or at a crossroads, senior mentors and experts will help you to navigate important decisions and manage challenges.

HR Academy

Online Learning Platform for HR Game-Changers: We bring you the best-in-class content you can apply right away, to help you build the HR of the future. We bring you the latest research available and equip you with practical skills for you to be able to apply the new knowledge right way.

Future of Work Session

KennedyFitch has been researching for the last 5 years about the future of work, how HR evolves, what is happening in the world of technology and how all of this shapes new realities.

We published our insights in 2016 and 2018, and we have held multiple in-house workshops for senior (HR) leadership teams.

Out of all of this, we have a “Future of Work” presentation with more than 150 slides that support a workshop that can last anything between 2 hours and a full day.

Employee Experience Session

We meet live and virtually to learn from each other and go deeper into the disciplines of EX that drive a better workplace experience and better CX. We share our EX stories, learn new skills, share new tech, get inspired by what others are doing and co-create ‘what’s next’ for EX.