How to become an “EX-centric” organisation

Employee Experience (EX), like its sister Customer Experience (CX), has become a new priority for global firms, with a path to growth and competitive advantage.

KennedyFitch just completed an EX Study of 250+ global companies, plus interviews of EX Pioneers e.g. AirBnB, GE, ING, LearnVest and others, as well as secondary research. EX is an exciting, new and revolutionary concept, and we want to share what we have discovered and help companies design EX for their organizations.

We are now ready to share the results with you on 4 levels: You can access below our new article, with a high-level summary of our findings. We have also developed a full report of our research: Building an EX-Centric Organization, with deep insights of critical EX concepts and a Playbook for how you can design it in your own organization. And we will present the results in workshops in Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels and New York for which you can register below.

Download the article ‘Building an EX-Centric Organization’


We invite you to listen to our webcast EX: The Winning Playbook, as part of Qualtrics’ Experience Week this next Thursday 19 October at:

Full-day EX Workshops

We are hosting full-day EX Workshops based on our EX Playbook in Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels and New York, where we will share the results with you. In this interactive workshop you will learn the following concepts and come away with your own high-level plan for how to become an EX-Centric Organization:

Why EX and CX matter and the need for a complete transformation in the way we think and work
How CX and EX have evolved, EX and Engagement
What our research tells us is happening now and in the next 1-2 years
How EX is taking shape – Case studies of EX Pioneers and how they have used EX as key to Business Transformation
How do you design EX – what does an EX Playbook look like?
What does an EX-Centric Transformation roadmap look like?
What kinds of new roles & teams are being created – how to reshape, build new thinking and capabilities,
How to engage your CEO and leadership team.
Register for one of our free workshops:

Zurich – Monday Nov. 13
Amsterdam – Tuesday Nov. 14
Brussels – Wednesday Nov. 15
New York – Tuesday Dec. 12

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