Management Consulting

The “intangible assets”are a company’s biggest driver of value and increasingly investors are making their bets on these intangibles. How people work together, how they are being led, how they are developed, what culture they represent, which capabilities they have now and will need to have in the future and how they are rewarded are just some elements that influence these “intangibles”. It is the effectiveness of practices around talent, leadership, organisation and human resources that will drive how the business is going to perform. If these practices are ineffective, a company is likely to suffer if these practices are effective, companies are likely to benefit. The essence of our approach in management consulting is to improve business results through interventions in the talent, leadership and organisation domain.

As “strategy consultants” we have a model to measure the effectiveness of talent practices and how these will impact company value or strategy execution. We measure whether they do what they are supposed to do: impact people productivity. We take a holistic view and have a unique tool that quickly diagnoses some of the most influential drivers of business success. We measure the quality and composition of the workforce, today and tomorrow. We look at the organisational capabilities that drive transformation. We assess the effectiveness of leadership and we tell you if your HR function is ready to support your strategy execution. The outcome of our initial diagnosis will give a company clear indications about the quickest and most impactful improvements on your investment.

We are “leadership developers” pur sang. Following initial diagnostics we provide interventions on an individual, team and organisational level to drive effective performance as a result of changes in mindset and behaviours We design development strategies, plans and interventions for (high potential) leaders. Through executive coaching, team facilitation and organisational transformation practices, we touch the “hearts and minds” of leaders, teams and companies and our approach can equally be applied to large scale cultural transformations. Our partners in leadership development have extensive experience leading complex, multifaceted personal, team and organisational change.

In the Human Resources domain we are “knowledge, network and community builders” par excellence. We offer a unique workshop about the future of HR, we teach HR in business schools and in MBA and post graduate HR programs, we have developed bespoke masterclasses, we are working with universities to develop their HR curriculum, we are involved in multiple platforms where HR leaders can meet and exchange and we are the initiator and organiser of the BeyondHRForum2017, a unique event on the impact of megatrends on Human Resources that brings together some 200 HR leaders in Amsterdam July 6-7, 2017.

Lastly, we help clients by working “with them” and not by “consulting to” them. What really differentiates us?

• We practice what we preach in organisational capability building; every project is thoroughly founded on knowledge and capability transfer to the client.

• Our services are personally delivered by consulting partners with a 20+ year track record in the Human Resources function.

• Our services are deeply rooted in diagnostics before we offer a solution